Partner Meeting with mobility parcours the 25th and 26th of October in Leipzig





Leipzig, 29.10.2018 - The project is about bringing employees of public authority from point A to point B – in a environmentally sustainable manner. In the end of October the fourth meeting of the international working group and the 5th meeting of the international steering committee will take place in Leipzig. The Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig is happy to be the host of this event. There will be ten partners from seven countries, around 30 people altogether. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and control tasks that are done and to prepare new tasks. But that is not all..


A practical part of the meeting is the intermodal mobility parcours. This is a little workshop where different groups will manage a fictitious everyday commute in a foreign town with diverse means of transport. Normally here we have a learning or „wow“ effect through the methodologically reflected experience. But let‘s see.


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