A city without CO2 emission: How could the inner ring road of Leipzig look like?






Leipzig, 14.01.2019 – Topics as ‘green city’ and ‘Reduction of CO2 in big cities’ are more and more spoken about. How could the Leipzig inner ring road look like, if f.e. there is a reduce of 50% car traffic? On Monday evening the second workshop about ‘Concept of urban space: The City Center of Leipzig is growing over the inner ring road’ was held in Leipzig. This workshop was organised by the City of Leipzig in context of the European DEMO-EC Project.

Architecture students from the Bauhaus-University Weimar presented their innovative designs of new possibilities of the inner ring road to local actors of the City of Leipzig. The concepts of the students were characterised by a high degree of innovation, appreciation and retention of the history of Leipzig.

Some designs were better accepted by the audience than others. After the presentation the students received the opportunity, through group discussions with local actors, to defend their visions or to get more insights into it.

Are you getting curious to the results of the students or do you wonder how the inner ring road of Leipzig could look like if there is 50% less car traffic? Take a look at www.leipzig.de/stadtraumkonzept for more information about the project and for further announcements.


More about the project DEMO-EC

The main objective of the European project DEMO-EC (duration 01/2017 – 12/2021) is the introduction of mobility management in urban development and planning: analysis, exchange and dissemination of good practice which enhance the effectivity of strategies in the field of CO2-free transport.


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Brand-new Homepage







As we end 2018, we are excited to present you our new homepage.

Take a look at our brand-new website. Discover our ongoing projects in the region Leipzig and Europe. In 2019 new partner meetings will be held in Leipzig as well in several cities across Europe. We´ll keep you informed about these developments. Would you like to get to know us better, take a look at our page Agency and get more information about who we are and what we do. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About us

The Aufbauwerk is a joint municipal cooperation of the city of Leipzig and surrounding regional administrative districts. We have a long history of success in management of EU-projects and economic development measures.


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New flyer for ECO-CICLE





We are happy to announce that the flyer our new project ECO-CICLE has been now translated in German. ECO-CICLE is our latest Interreg Europe project that aims to foster cycle tourism in rural and protected areas. Over the next 18 months we will undergo through an intensive learning phase with our partners before we draft our Action Plans.


More information.


Kickoff Conference and Partner Meeting on 8th-12th October in Huelva, Spain.





The Aufbauwerk team took part in the ECO-CICLE Kickoff Conference and Partner meeting in Huelva, Spain. There, we had the opportunity to be introduced to the concept of sustainable tourism and to meet our European partners.

Perico Delgado the former Spanish road bicycle racer presented a master class on cyclism. He presented different successful models of cycle-tourism in Spain. During the Steering Committee Meeting the Aufbauwerk team presented the developments that occurred in Leipzig New Lake Region. ECO-CICLE’s main objective is to improve operational programs and regional development policies to allocate Structural Funds and other investment funds in infrastructure and support to cycle tourism service providers.


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Look back to the partner meeting the 8th and 9th of October 2018 in Pomurje Region (Slovenia)





The international, or better the interregional meeting took place in Moravske Toplice, a small town in the north eastern part of Slovenia. Like in Central Germany the 500 years of the Reformation where celebrated here in the last year, due to the fact, that the first protestant church of Slovenia was built here.

The pilot-investment of this region is an ensemble of a solar energy system, consisting of a solar e-tree and a photovoltaic system bench. Next to the purpose of power generation this ensemble is meant to show the young generation the purpose and necessitiy of renewable energy sources (cf. pictures). On the occasion of a peer review and a study visit of this investment we visited the modern school building next to the spot of the investment. The total ensemble of the investment and the school left a lasting impression on the partners. It was clear that the municipality is preparing itself for the future in a progressive way by using sustainable energy sources.

The 12 partner organisations of the Interreg Central Europe project RURES are mainly municipalities and Energy Agencies. They come from five regions and six different countries. To the meeting the partners brought their experts of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Altogether we were 27 participants, we felt welcome by the host Local Energy Agency Pomurje and we had a fruitful discussion.

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